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Bulk Liquid Cargo Storage, Transpor­ta­tion and Claims

The bulk oil transfer and transpor­ta­tion industry has grown at substantial speed in recent times. Various matters arise in context to operations across the value chain, docum­en­ta­tion, handling and loss control.

The course is designed to give an insight of Terminal and Shipboard operations in the transfer of bulk crude oil and product transfers to and from terminals and tanker ships.

It aims to give an introduction of custody oil transfer, looking at various loss control methods required in today’s market, where the knowledge of even something as simple as correct sampling procedures can save companies significant amounts of money and avoid embarrassing mistakes.

In addition, our expert Course Director will also explore the areas of Voyage Analysis, Trend Analysis and Loss Control; which will explain the differences between actual losses, theoretical losses and perceived losses. There will be an exploration of the procedures required to mitigate losses and look at what steps are required, when things do go wrong.

Who should attend this course?

Those involved in bulk liquid cargo transport business including:

  • Oil Majors, NOCs and Independents
  • Oil Traders
  • Ship Owners and Managers
  • Bunker Suppliers and Traders
  • Port and terminal operators
  • P&I club and marine insurance
  • Super­in­ten­dents and Safety Officers
  • Technical and Operations executives

What will you learn?

  • Terminal and ship side operations in bulk liquid cargo transfers
  • Ship tank measurements, cargo loading and handling consi­dera­tions
  • Transpor­ta­tion docum­en­ta­tions in bulk liquid transfer— BOL, ROB, OBQ and ullage report
  • Voyage analysis and cargo recon­ci­li­ation
  • Shore tanks bulk oil measurements — volume, density and temperature
  • Significance of different sampling types, methods and laboratory analysis
  • Custody transfer calculations and comparisons for bulk oil and products
  • Bulk liquid cargo insurance and shortage claims calculations
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