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What is Coaching?

Working with a coach supports people and helps them achieve personal and professional goals. It provides positive support, feedback on an individual or group basis to improve individuals’ effectiveness within an organisation.

Coaching is non directional and helps to unlock a person's potential to optimise their performance. It helps them to learn rather than be taught.

It is results and goal orientated, focusing more on the future than the past.

In a work setting the focus is more on high performance and improvement although it may impact on an individual‘s private life. It usually lasts a short period, until the coaching goal is attained.

Individual Coaching

Individual coaching provides a one to one relationship that is focused towards the individual's goals. People work with a coach either to overcome hurdles in their business, career, or personal life, or for aspirational purposes, wanting to be the best they can be.

Team Coaching

Team Coaching is used when an organisation is looking for specific outcomes with a specific team. In these circumstances the team has a common goal and the coach acts as a facilitator in helping the team to arrive at the organisations coaching goal.

Throughout the process attention is paid to individual performance, and to group collaboration and performance.

Learning Group Coaching

Learning Groups are groups brought together for the purpose of learning but are not members of the same team. The difference between Team Coaching and Learning Group Coaching is that the members do not have the same goals but come to the group with their own individual goals. The purpose of the group is the individual learning of the group members. The coach facilitates the group into a project team whereby individuals help each other with their goals and learning objectives.

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