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Inert Gas Systems Used on Tankers

Admission Requirements: Ships Officers

Course Duration: One Day

Purpose of Course

The Inert Gas Systems Course is a course for deck officers for understanding the different types of Inert Gas Installations on board ship and how to use the inert gas system during voyage cycle of the tanker.


The Learning Objective of this course is to become familiar with the different inert gas systems, associated main components located on deck and to understand the different types of gas replacement.

Course Content


  • Inert Gas Regulations
  • Inert Gas Theory

Inert Gas Systems

  • Flue Gas System
  • Inert Gas Generator
  • Nitrogen Generator

Gas Replacement

  • Inerting
  • Purging
  • Gas Freeing

A Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator is used to support the explanation and demonstrate operation of Flue Gas, Inert Gas Generator Systems, Purging and Gas Freeing.

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