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Aviation is a global business, here at Bachmann's we aim to bring our expertise of over 45 years in the maritime world, where we have supported owners, crew and vessels all over the world to the Aviation sector.

Over recent years, we have invested in new technology in our sytems to manage the operation of our crew and vessels and today we are able to use the developments to assist our new aviation clients.­  We are able to assist in a number of areas.

Aircraft Registration

The Guernsey  registry 2_REG, was established in December 2013 to provide a service for the registration of aircraft involved in non-commercial flying activity around the world. Since March 2016, the register has been able to issue Air Operator Certificates (AOCs), which allows Guernsey-registered aircraft to operate for commercial air transport. There are three separate registers, one each for aircraft, engines and charges.­ 

Regulatory Compliance

At Bachmann we manage of the regulatory requirements of  companies that hold AOC's, supplying directorial and compliance matters.


Offshore Employment

With Guernsey being located at the heart of Europe, less than 1 hour's flying time from London, but remaining outside the European Union, we have developed structures enabling our clients to make substantial savings on their employment costs.

Offshore Payroll

Through the use of up to 5 different payroll software systems, two of which have recently been  winners of the UK's National Payroll Awards in both the large and small categories, we are able to tailor our clients' requirement to the most suitable software for their needs.

For further details of our services and support, call Nick Saul on +44(0)1481 731059 or email him on nick.saul@bachmanngroup.com