MultiWage – International, Channel Islands, IOM, Malta, Gibraltar & UK payrolls

MultiWage – International, Channel Islands, IOM, Malta, Gibraltar & UK payrolls

MultiWage is a payroll bureau that combines with Bachmann’s extensive HR experience, to offer a unique service with some of the most advanced sophisticated payroll software which could revolutionise your payroll management and save you money!


Utilising some of the leading payroll software available, the payroll section of BachmannHR Group handles thousands of payments each month, totalling over US$ 1 billion per year.

We are proud to have a dedicated team of highly experienced and knowledgeable payroll specialists who are responsible for running payrolls at varying frequencies. These include weekly, fortnightly, monthly, four weekly and lunar.

BachmannHR Group operates payrolls in many different currencies including US Dollar, Euro, Danish Kroner, Norwegian Kroner, Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars as well as South African Rand.

Specialising in the payroll provision for many international jurisdictions as well as those offshore territories, principally Guernsey, Jersey, The Isle of Man, Malta and Gibraltar as well as the UK, we utilise software acknowledged for its ease and reporting abilities.

Our team has many years’ experience in payroll management services and set the standard for payroll operations and management.

We approach each individual client and their requirements from a wholly independent perspective in order to develop a suitable tailor-made solution.

MultiWage is a BACS approved Payroll Bureau. This accreditation is an indication of the levels of security and confidentiality that MultiWage is able to provide to clients.

BachmannHR Group employ highly trained and highly qualified Payroll & HR specialists who are able to help with specific advice in Payroll & HR matters as well as the ability to offer complete HR management solutions.

For further information, please contact Liz Powell.