Corporate Ownership, Yacht Registration and Marine Insurance


Corporate Ownership

Many yacht owners select to purchase their vessel via a corporate structure. In addition to the confi­den­ti­ality this affords, corporate ownership also can limit exposure to potential tax liabilities. Bachmann Yachts has a Marine specialised team which can handle all documentary requirements for the vessel. We can also arrange the issuing of a radio licence and authority document appointing the owner or agent to act as yacht manager.

We can also offer full crew management and recruitment services if required.

Corporate Ownership can also assist with estate planning by alleviating the restrictions imposed in some juris­dic­tions as to how an individual might dispose of assets upon death.

Yacht Registration

Inter­national Maritime Law requires every vessel to be registered for proof of both ownership and nationality. Bachmann Yachts has an inter­nati­onally renowned reputation as a result of our specialised Yacht Team having many years of experience dealing with all aspects of yacht registration and ownership. They can look after everything from registering the chosen name for the vessel, arranging for the tonnage survey and liaising with the builder or boatyard to ensure that all official markings meet current legislative requ­ire­ments.

Marine Insurance

Our Marine Team has worked closely with a number of insurance brokers and insurers over the past 40 years and we have a strong relationship with Lloyd’s Underwriters in London. Consequently we are able to obtain highly competitive quotes due to the volume of business that we place.  We will generally obtain two quotes on a client’s behalf, once we have ascertained the full details of the client’s needs, to ensure that they are obtaining the best arrangement available. UK insurers and brokers with whom we work are regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

We are also able to assist wherever possible in unfortunate situations where a client has experienced difficulties and a claim ensues. We will act as the liaison point for the insurance broker throughout the term of the policy agreement.

As well as insuring the vessel itself, we are also able to obtain quotes and assist with obtaining insurance for crew related matters - such things as employer’s liability and personal accident.