Yacht Registration

Yacht Registration

The flag you choose to fly from your transom can have a direct influence on your privacy, taxes, liability, success if operating for charter, and all round enjoyment of your yacht.

The choice of Flag state has, over the last few years, become one of the most important decisions owners must make. A flag state is the country to which a yacht is registered, and therefore subscribes to that countries rules and regulations, alongside those of the country of the yachts operation at any time.

The most popular jurisdiction for yacht registration is collectively known as The Red Ensign, comprised of the flag states being the UK, Crown Dependencies, including Guernsey and Jersey, and Overseas Territories, including the BVI and Cayman Islands. The Red Ensign holds prestige, tradition and history, alongside internationally recognised standards, codes of conduct and practice for yachts in both private use and charter.

Whilst each flag state collectively falls under The Red Ensign, also referred to as the British Flag, each has its own nuances and peculiarities. Bachmann Yachts, however, know these inside out, having registered a leading market share of yachts across all jurisdictions and maintains strong working relationships with flag state offices.

Whilst many factors will influence the final choice, considerations will include the yachts use, (private or for charter), area of operation, the yachts VAT status, the nationality of the owner, crew and their qualifications.

Bachmann Yachts will coordinate with the owner, captain, yard or broker and surveyor (if required) to oversee the registration process, resulting in a Certificate of Registry along with any other documents that may be required.

Who could benefit from our services?

  • All new yacht owners
  • All yacht owners considering switching to the Red Ensign
  • Captains and owners representatives
  • Family office and private client firms
  • Brokers and yacht managers.

For further information, please contact Gary Le Cras.