Electro-Technical Officers

System Engineers – Electro-Technical Officers

Vacancy Number 7825

  • Applicants Require a minimum of a HND
  • Salary inclusive of RFA allowance

Benefits include:

  • Induction Course. Civil Service Pension
  • Fully Funded Study Leave
  • Sponsored Reserve Status, £25 monthly allowance + Activation Bonus

Tour lengths 4 months followed by 84 days paid leave

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As a Systems Engineer Officer in the Royal Fleet Auxiliary, you’ll be working anywhere onboard from the bridge to the engine room maintaining and repairing the complex and varied electrical equipment and systems on your ship. This includes navigational aids to propulsion systems, communication systems to electrical switchgear and distribution systems and PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) control and automation systems. You’ll also be working alongside specialists in the Marine Engineering, Deck and Logistic departments and will have a key role in the ship’s damage control and firefighting organisation.

This role demands intelligence, good communication skills and plenty of common sense. As well as being technically minded, you’ll also need to be resourceful and inventive, with the ability to solve problems in demanding conditions. During your training you’ll be developing the professional and personal qualities needed to be a Royal Fleet Auxiliary officer so you’ll need to demonstrate leadership skills as well as working effectively as part of a team.