Total Crew Management

Total Crew Management

Our complete crew management package encompasses at least all of the following areas of marine personnel management:


Including identifying the position, advertising, applicant screening, interviewing, reference checks and placement.


Including the scheduling of crews, leave monitoring, arranging crew changes, travel, providing suitable cover for sickness/study leave etc, supply of uniform/working gear.


Identifying training needs, maintenance of training records, arranging courses, assessing training establishments etc.


Monitoring medical status, arranging medicals, maintaining company Drugs and Alcohol Policy.


Including maintenance of sickness records, compassionate leave, dealing with next of kin.


Arrangements for staff travel using marine airfares.

General Employment issues

Dealing with grievance/­disciplinary procedures, promotions, resignations, appraisal, redundancy programmes.


Maintaining personal records, visa applications, certificate renewals, liaison with clients etc.


Our mission at the Bachmann Group is to make the life of the Vessel Operator as easy as possible by delivering a Personnel Management service tailored to suit the individual company requirements.

Every company has slightly differing requirements and we at BachmannHR Group take the time and trouble to discuss a client’s exact needs to ensure that the service provided is of the highest quality.