Bachmann Assists the States of Guernsey

The Bachmann Group has for the last few months been giving help and support to the States of Guernsey over the lifeline ferry services to the Island.

Bachmann's have a number of key senior personnel who between them have over 70 years experience in Ferry Operations. This includes both conventional and high speed ferries. These members of staff have been working with the Guernsey Government offering advice and their knowledge during a period of problematic disruptions to sailings between the UK and the Channel Islands.

Commenting on the work, Nick Saul, CEO of Bachmann's said "After being approached by the Guernsey Government, Bachmann's has been pleased to offer help and suggest options that are available to the current operator and to Guernsey. Many people assume that we just act as a employer of crew, however, that is only the very tip of what we do. We also own vessels and run them on behalf of our clients. Technically we operate them and make the process as streamlined as possible for our clients".

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