Bachmann Group: Flying the Flag!

Flags have been used as a means of identification for centuries and are still as much a part of our lives as they ever were. They are particularly useful at sea and all yachts must display their flag state, which shows the country in which the yacht is registered.

Bachmann Group: Flying the Flag

Choosing a flag state (a country of registry) is one of the most important decisions a yacht owner can make, as it affects all sorts of things from taxes and privacy issues to liability exposure and freedom of movement. In general, as long as all legal requirements and standards of construction are met, yachts can be registered in any country.

Experts agree that the most cost-effective method of registration is to use the services of an offshore registry such as Bachmann Group. As we are based in the Channel Islands, we can offer efficient, simple and competitively-priced yacht registration services.

The White List is the best place to look for a flag country. Flags on this list, which is compiled and maintained by the Paris Memorandum of Understanding on Port State Control, have strong performance in safety and security aspects and are subject to fewer inspections from port officers.

To find out more about choosing a flag state for YOUR yacht, get in touch with our team today!

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