Bachmann Group offers budget beating remedies…

Yesterday’s UK budget created quite a stir, positive and negative views abound in equal measure!

One example of increased costs for yacht owners is the rise in insurance premium tax from 6% to 9.5% from this November. That can add a lot of extra cost to the annual insurance bill on a large luxury yacht, even more if insurance coverage is extended for commercial/ charter operations.

Bachmann Group’s Yacht Management Division offers offshore jurisdiction arrangements that give yacht owners the most efficient fiscal management base to suit their individual circumstances…and saving the entire insurance premium tax is just one of them!

Entrusting the management of your yacht to the Bachmann Group plugs you into an organisation with 40 years of solid background in the marine and yachting industries. You will gain access to a team of dedicated professionals, who are able to offer yacht owners or their repre­sen­ta­tives, the best possible advice in order to maximise the potential of their vessel.

Everything from recruitment, through payroll management, tax/VAT advice, and auditing to ISM, MLC, ISPS conventions is within the in-house scope of the Bachmann Group.

For a ‘one-stop’ comprehensive solution to yacht management please contact us.

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