Bachmann Group Welcomes New Cruise Ship Client

Bachmann Group is delighted to welcome Hebridean Islands Cruises to our client portfolio. We are now responsible for the employment and management of around 50 crew members, who will be working on two exclusive cruise ships operating on Scotland's famous Caledonian Canal.

Bachmann Group Welcomes New Cruise Ship Client

The Caledonian Canal is around 60 miles long in total. Unusually for a canal, only one-third of its length is man-made; the remainder is formed naturally by Lochs Ness, Oich, Lochy and Dochfour, all of which are located in Scotland's Great Glen. The course of the canal traverses 10 bridges and four aqueducts along with 29 locks. Eight of these locks form what is known as 'Neptune's Staircase', the longest staircase lock in the UK.

The two ships which Bachmann Group will now manage the crew of are named Lord of the Glens and Lord of the Highlands.

Lord of the Glens

The remit of the designers of Lord of the Glens was to 'build a vessel that could transit the intricate waters of the Caledonian Canal as well as the sheltered waters around Scotland’s hauntingly beautiful fretted west coast.' This threw up many challenges, as the canal is often of a narrow width and has a particularly meandering route. In addition, the many aforementioned locks have maximum dimensions of 34 feet in width and 150 feet in length, with a maximum depth of just 12 feet.

To overcome these challenges, Lord of the Glens was fitted with bow thrusters and dual propulsion systems that can be controlled from either the bridge or the vessel's side wings. This gives the captain the ability to manoeuvre the ship into tight locks and around sharp bends, bringing the beautiful and dramatic landscape even closer for passengers to enjoy.

Lord of the Highlands

Lord of the Highlands was originally a Greek ferry ship but has undergone major alterations to become a luxury cruise ship. Carried out in Spain's Port of Vigo, the alterations included lengthening and widening the ship and adding a new deck as well as fitting a new steel bow to add height above the waterline and improve stability. Lord of the Highlands is now capable of embarking on week-long voyages, carrying up to 50 passengers along with 17 crew members.

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