BachmannHR Group Recruitment: The Gold Standard

Owning and/or operating a seagoing vessel is challenging, involving multiple logistics that need careful, precise management. One of the biggest challenges is finding skilled and reliable crew members: the successful operation of any seagoing vessel can only ever be as good as the staff which make up the crew.

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At BachmannHR Group, we offer a world-class recruitment service designed to make the entire process of recruiting and managing crew run smoothly and seamlessly. With this aspect fully taken care of, operators and owners can use their valuable time and resources to focus more closely on their core requirements, safe in the knowledge that their vessels are staffed by the most reliable, suitable crew members.

Over many years, BachmannHR Group has created a massive database, which currently contains the details of tens of thousands of qualified seafarers and is being updated all the time. Our service begins as we work closely with clients to identify vacancies, which are then advertised to relevant members of this extensive database.

Responses to such advertisements are then carefully screened by our dedicated team of experts, who ensure that applicants have the required certification and experienced that will be needed to fill the vacancy. A shortlist of applicants is drawn up and their references checked, before they are interviewed by us. Successful candidates will then be placed into your company. If any candidate requires travel to be arranged, then our team will book this via our trusted, highly-experienced travel provider at the most competitive price.

Our gold-standard recruitment service certainly does not end there. After placement, we will prepare schedules and organise physical movement details of the new crew members. We can then provide complete payroll management services, ensuring that payslips are reliably circulated. All aspects of these operations will be carried out in full compliance with tax/NI regulations and IR49 according to the nationality of the seafarer.

Despite all precautions being taken, things sometimes can and do go wrong. Our team is always available to help deal with any issues including but not limited to redundancy programmes, union negotiations, appraisals, grievances, resignations and disciplinary procedures.

Just as with every service we provide at BachmannHR Group, our recruitment service can be exactly tailored to suit the individual requirements of every client. Whether you need us to take care of all aspects of recruitment and payroll or simply require assistance on specific matters, we will work to ensure that we always deliver a bespoke package that meets your needs.

For more details about our world-class recruitment and payroll management services, please browse our website and get in touch with our customer service team.

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