Bringing the Offshore News Back Home


As most of us live permanently on terra firma, it’s easy to forget that there are many people who live and work offshore. The ocean covers more than 70% of our planet’s surface so there’s actually a lot going on out there: how can you keep in touch with this watery world? Well, our newsletter is a great place to start…

Our newsletter is just as diverse as our client portfolio and seeks to bring a slice of the ocean world back to land. We share all sorts of information between the two extremes and today we invite you to sign up: it only takes a moment and we absolutely promise to never send you spam or share your email address with third parties. Some of the features you can expect are:

News from the Bachmann Group. We are a thriving global company and there is always plenty to keep our staff busy. From details of the latest job vacancies with Bachmann to stories about our cherry-picked staff, our newsletter will keep you in constant touch with the latest developments

Events. Yachting is always on the agenda somewhere in the world and events such as races, shows and festivals are always going on. You’ll get all the latest details from these events, plus on-the-spot coverage and reviews from our talented team

Important global updates. Guidelines and new legislation from different countries are constantly being drawn up and implemented; our newsletter contains all you need to know about such changes and how they will affect you.

Fun, seagoing-related articles. Sharing space with the serious stuff are our more light hearted articles, which focus on all sorts of things related to our work. Examples are our budget-beating remedy list and the recently-published guide to the world’s record-breaking yachts and yachting events 

As well as subscribing to our newsletter, you can also connect with us through social media: we maintain an active presence on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and LinkedIn. You can also add RSS feeds for those instant newsflash items of importance.

Ready to subscribe and connect with the ocean world? Just visit our sign-up page and you’ll soon be part of our network.

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