Commercial Shipping: Our Comprehensive Suite of Services

The commercial shipping industry is a vital part of the global economy. Managing the many complex logistics involved in the successful operation of a commercial shipping business is a Bachmann Group speciality. Our commercial shipping services are tailored to each individual client and include:

Commercial Shipping: Our Comprehensive Suite of Services


We have put together an experienced consultancy team, which comprises experts with extensive experience working with the world's leading ferry and cruise operators. Our team can offer professional consultancy services and have in the past operated vessels in a technical capacity and ports from a legal aspect. The consultancy arm of Bachmann Group has grown exponentially in recent years and has given authoritative guidance and assistance to both private and government organisations.

Ship Management

Bachmann Group is responsible for the management of a growing number of vessels, working in strict compliance with all aspects of the International Safety Management Code. Our focus is on efficiency and we work hard to cater to the unique requirements of owners, ensuring vessels operate smoothly. Bachmann Group superintendents offer myriad services, from managing new constructions to overseeing repair projects. Full vessel management is provided and, as with all our services, we work closely with our clients to ensure the best bespoke package is designed and delivered.


We offer a world-class recruitment service, designed to ensure that your vessel has a capable, qualified and dedicated crew. Every aspect of recruitment can be taken care of from identifying vacancies, locating and interviewing potential candidates and placing them seamlessly in your organisation. We look after all employment issues and can provide award-winning payroll management services.

Total Crew Management

Bachmann Group can combine all of our commercial shipping services to offer the Total Crew Management service. Our clients know that they can rely on us to effectively manage every aspect of their vessel's operations, freeing up their precious time to focus on the core needs of their business.

Please browse the Bachmann Group website to find out more information about the commercial shipping services we can provide to the marine industry. For further details and advice, please get in touch with our expert customer service team.

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