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If you are considering purchasing a seagoing vessel, it is vitally important that you also consider who is going to staff it. Recruiting crew can be a complex and challenging issue but, by taking full advantage of the knowledge and experience of Bachmann Group, you can swiftly and confidently complete the process.

Like all of the myriad services provided by Bachmann Group, our professional crew recruitment service can be infinitely tailored to meet bespoke requirements. All of the hard work of recruitment can be left safely in our capable hands, which means more time for you to spend on other crucial aspects of seafaring.

The recruitment process as handled by Bachmann Group typically breaks down into five discrete sections:

  1. ADVERTISING: Bachmann Group maintain a constantly updated database of skilled seafarers, to which we will clearly advertise identified vacancies
  2. SCREENING: We carefully screen all applicants through a series of interviews. All references given are fully checked for authenticity, as are relevant medical certificates. We will then select the most appropriate candidate who shows the right combination of certification and experience
  3. PLACEMENT: Successful applicants will be smoothly placed in your company. If the applicant needs to travel to get to your vessel, we will arrange this using cost-effective methods (either through our selected marine travel providers or directly online). All booking arrangements will be handled by our team
  4. SCHEDULING: Once an applicant is placed, we will prepare crew schedules on your behalf. These will be communicated by us to vessels and individual staff members
  5. PAYROLL: Managing payroll is the Bachmann Group speciality. Using award-winning, state-of-the-art payroll software, we can manage the entire financial operation of your vessel. We will also make sure that relevant legislation is complied with in this regard, including the management of IR49 and income tax/NI regulation. Payslips will be created by our team for your convenience and records

Get in touch with the recruitment department at Bachmann Group today for more detailed information.

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