From Ship to Shore... and Back! Port Services from Bachmann

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Whether it is a giant cruise ship, a cosy yacht-for-two, an oil tanker or anything in between, all sailing vessels start and end their journey at the shore. This means that, just like an airport, a seaport is a busy place with complex logistics involved in making it run efficiently. Employing the right staff is at the heart of port management and that's where Bachmann Group come in.

For many successful years, Bachmann Group has been supplying and managing specialised key employees to port-owning groups all over the world. We ensure that prospective crew on our database are skilled, reliable, experienced and trained to a high level; this means that, by allowing Bachmann Group to manage your recruitment, you are guaranteed the most appropriate employee for the job.

As well as identifying and filling vacancies for permanent employees, we are also able to immediately supply temporary staff and management when demand is high. It is essential that temporary employees are able to fit in to a new environment very quickly and so we help to assimilate temporary staff into pre-existing team structures. This approach allows the core business to be run in a more cost-effective and streamlined way.

We recognise that every situation is unique and so offer a fully-bespoke service to our clients. Standard port services include:

  • Temporary and permanent employee screening and recruitment
  • Containerised handling equipment
  • Lock-gate control and supervision
  • Stevedoring and berthing control
  • Baggage handling

Check the website and get in touch with us to find out more about port services from Bachmann Group.

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