Lockdown Ends, Marine Services Resume!

Guernsey, home to the Bachmann Group headquarters, is set to move into the fifth phase of its lockdown exit-plan. From Saturday 20th June, the island will return to a 'new normal' level of activity, with most restrictions being removed. The announcement was made on June 11th, Guernsey's 42nd day without an active case of COVID-19.

Lockdown Ends, Marine Services Resume!

Phase Five of Guernsey's lockdown exit-plan will see:

  • An end to social distancing
  • The lifting of restrictions on mass gatherings
  • Permission to partake in contact sports
  • The reopening of nightclubs, bars and children's playgrounds

Commenting on the announcement, Guernsey's Health & Social Care President Heidi Soulsby said: "This will be a real milestone and a recognition of the incredible combined effort of the whole community in responding to the awful pandemic which has devastated countries all over the world. We have pulled together in a way I couldn’t have imagined when this all started, and we’re now able to unlock far sooner than we thought we would."

Travel restrictions outside of Guernsey will remain in place, as will the mandatory 14-day self-isolation period for people returning to the island. This does not apply to the crew of fishing boats from Guernsey, who will be permitted to land their catches in Jersey, France and the UK without having to self-isolate.

The self-isolation exemption for such crews has been designed to help keep vital businesses afloat during the COVID-19 crisis and is permitted as the crew do not leave their vessels, nor do they have any physical contact with people ashore. Guernsey Ports has already received and subsequently approved more than 25 exemption applications from the local fishing community.

We here at Bachmann Group obviously welcome the lifting of lockdown restrictions, which will allow us to resume all of our services as normal. Details of these services can be found on our website, where you can also subscribe to receive updates via our regular newsletter.

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