Malta Yacht Leasing Scheme


Yacht’s owned by EU residents or corporate bodies and operating within the EU are subject to VAT. Therefore in recent years, yacht leasing structures have proved popular in reducing the amount of VAT payable. Italy and France offer similar leasing programs to Malta, however with a VAT base rate of just 18%, Malta has become an attractive location for super yacht owners.

A Malta Leasing Structure works in this way:-

  • A yacht owning company is set up in Malta through a Maltese Corporate Service Provider and the company is registered with the Maltese VAT department. Each case is looked into individually and if the lease is approved the commissioner of VAT will issue a letter of approval.
  • The Maltese company (the Lessor) purchases and registers the yacht in a suitable flag state.
  • The Maltese company leases the yacht to the client as an individual or company (the Lessee). The lease must be for a minimum of one year and a maximum of 3 years.
  • The loan is charged at a rate slightly greater than the value of the yacht, as the lessor will be expected to make a profit from the leasing agreement.
  • An initial contribution amounting to 50% of the value of the yacht is paid by the Lessee to the Lessor.
  • VAT is taxable according to the length of time the yacht spends within EU waters.
Length of yacht % of lease subject to VAT Effective rate of VAT
Motor & Sail over 24 metres 30% 5.4%
Motor between 12.01 & 16 metresSail between 10.01 & 20 metres 40% 72%
Motor between 12.01 & 16 metresSail between 10.01 & 20 metres 50% 9%
  • The yacht must be brought to Malta at the beginning of the lease.
  • At the end of the lease the Lessee will be given the option to purchase the yacht for 1% of its initial value plus 18% VAT.
  • A VAT paid certificate will then be issued by the Maltese VAT department, and the yacht will then be free to cruise anywhere in the EU.
Example of total VAT paid on a 25 meter motor yacht worth €3,000,000 30% of €3,000,000 = €900,000 5.4% of €900,000 = €48,600   1% of €3,000,000 = €30,000 18% of €30,000 = €5,400

If you would like any further information on yacht leasing in Malta please contact Nick Saul on telephone: 00 44 1481 731162 or by email:

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