MYS 2018 We are going!

Is it that time already?

It has been such a busy year so far and Karon, Gary and Nick will be visiting the Monaco Yacht Show 2018, individually or as a team and they would be delighted to discuss with you our capabilities.  From Corporate Ownership, Crew Employment and Payroll, Marine Training, Recruitment through to Technical Management, ISM and Mini ISM, DPA and CSO provision.
The Bachmann Group has over 40 years of experience in yachting and the marine world in general.­  Our team are not stuffy office workers, allowed out once a year to visit glamorous events, we are passionate marine professionals who have worked at sea and whilst office bound, are still excited when we get near a boat.
We are all happy to talk about anything yachting and so if you want to meet up and just talk with no commitment, send us a mail at, or visit our website www.­­bachman­­ny­­achts.­­com for more information.
See you at one of the shows!
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