Payroll Perfection from Bachmann Group

Payroll management is undeniably complex and so takes up a lot of time and resources, which could almost always be better spent focusing on other aspects of managing a business. This complex nature means that the potential for errors is large; such errors can have serious impacts on a company and its employees.

Payroll Perfection from Bachmann Group

A growing number of businesses across the spectrum of industry are choosing to outsource their payroll management requirements. Doing so offers numerous benefits and advantages, such as avoiding the aforementioned errors, streamlining operations, freeing up senior staff and ultimately resulting in a more efficient, productive and lucrative business.

The Bachmann Group payroll team is composed of talented, dedicated and highly experienced individuals. Their expertise is combined with that of Multiwage, which is recognised as being a leader in the field. Multiwage, regulated by the GFSC (Guernsey Financial Services Commission) and approved by BACS, is one of the safest, most reliable and confidential payroll bureaus in the world.

To ensure that we deliver the very best payroll service, which easily outperforms our many competitors, we utilise state-of-the-art, award-winning payroll software. We provide our services to a large number of different clients, a number which is growing all the time as more and more companies discover the benefits and advantages that payroll management can deliver.

Though a significant proportion of our clients are located in offshore territories like Jersey, Guernsey, the Isle of Man and Gibraltar, the fact is that many are headquartered in multiple jurisdictions across the globe. Working closely with one another, our team handles thousands of payrolls totalling well over $1bn each year.

Each Bachmann Group client is treated as an individual and we tailor our payroll services to exactly meet their unique requirements. Payrolls can be operated in any chosen currency and at the preferred frequency, whether that is weekly, monthly, yearly or even at times specified by the lunar calendar still widely used by several commercial shipping operators.

We'd like to invite you to browse the Bachmann Group website to find out more about our customised, world-class payroll management services. For further information and advice, you can contact Liz Powell by email at or call her on +44 (0) 1481 731059.

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