Port Services: Our Professional Suite

Boats come in all shapes and sizes, from a one-person kayak to ocean liners that are literally floating cities. The one thing that they all have in common? They have to come back to dry land once in a while! Ports are thus one of the busiest and most complex organisations with complicated logistics: getting the right staff members to work in ports is crucial and Bachmann Group can help to do just that.

Port Services

For many years, Bachmann Group has been working to supply and manage specialist key personnel to major port-owning groups around the world. In order to ensure ports run efficiently and safely, skilled, well-trained employees are necessary and those employees can be sourced quickly and reliably through Bachmann Group.

The equipment, materials and technology used to facilitate the work of ports must be handled carefully and strategically to ensure efficiency and safety. We specialise in quickly providing the most suitable employees to carry out these tasks, whether on a permanent or temporary basis.

When it comes to temporary operational and management staff, it's essential that they are able to handle a new environment at short notice. Bachmann Group professionally assimilate staff into existing structures, freeing up core business management to concentrate on running port facilities without interruption. Thanks to our dedicated, tailored services, our clients have come to trust us to always provide the right staff member for any given position.

Standard port services include:

  • Provision of temporary and permanent staff
  • Containerised handling equipment and cranage
  • Operation and supervision of lock gates
  • Stevedoring
  • Berthing Control
  • Baggage Handling

FInd out more about our professional port services here on the Bachmann Group website.

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