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For more than four decades, Bachmann Group has been providing world-class services of all kinds to a wide and diverse array of organisations all over the world. During this time, we have built an impressive reputation and the Bachmann name has become synonymous with quality, reliability and excellence across the board.

The Bachmann Yachts arm of our leading company is no exception. We employ a dedicated team of professionals who, working in close collaboration with our clients and one another, are able to deliver a full suite of yachting services. The yachting sector is one of the most dynamic sectors of the marine industry, with everything from technology to legislation always moving and changing at a rapid pace. Bachmann Yachts can help yacht owners, operators and representatives to navigate this ever-evolving world, enabling them to maximise the potential of their vessels. 

Yachting services from Bachmann Yachts include:

Corporate Yacht Ownership
From acquiring a yacht to disposing of it including every stage in between, Bachmann Yachts can help facilitate all aspects of yacht ownership, always protecting and respecting the privacy of the owner. One of our key services in this area is the incorporation and operation of yacht-owning and -management companies with limited liability.

Bachmann Yachts is located in Guernsey, a jurisdiction that is renowned as providing a stable, regulated and well-established framework. We are able to offer our yachting clients a full ownership service, including the provision of a registered office, nominee shareholders, secretaries and directors. The service can be used by either charter or private yachts. 

Yacht Registration
One of the most important decisions that a yacht-owner has to make is the chosen Flag State; this is the country in which the yacht is registered. Indeed, the Flag State chosen has direct impacts on many aspects of yacht operation, from privacy and tax regulations to liability and charter success. 

By far the most widely-chosen jurisdiction is the Red Ensign, which includes Guernsey along with the UK, other Crown Dependencies and some Overseas Territories. Prestigious, traditional and with a long, rich heritage, the Red Ensign holds to codes of conduct and practice that are recognised as the international standard. 

Across all jurisdictions, Bachmann Yachts has a leading market share of yachts. Our team oversees all aspects of the registration process, coordinating and liaising with all relevant organisations and ultimately providing an official Certificate of Registry.

For further details about these services, along with others that Bachmann Yachts provide, please browse our website. To stay in touch with Bachmann Group and receive news, updates and special features from across the marine industries, please subscribe to receive our regular email newsletter.

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