Showcasing Payroll Management Services at MYS 2022

Showcasing Payroll Management Services at MYS 2022

If you've been reading the Bachmann Group blog recently, then you'll know that we are excitedly looking forward to exhibiting at the Monaco Yacht Show (MYS) 2022, which opens on Wednesday 28th September. For those of you who haven't been reading, you're missing out on lots of updates and special features: we suggest subscribing to our regular newsletter right away!

At MYS 2022, the Bachmann Group team will be showcasing our comprehensive suite of marine services. In particular, our yachting division (Bachmann Yachts) will be showing owners and operators ow our yacht management services can make their operations run more smoothly, more efficiently and more cost-effectively. 

One of the world-class services offered by Bachmann Yachts is crew payroll management, which can dramatically reduce the workload of yacht owners. With accreditation under the Maritime Labour Convention, Bachmann yachts is fully authorised to manage yacht crew payroll for vessels under commercial use. Our services are trusted by a huge and diverse array of clients; Bachmann Yachts can in fact boast the leading market share of crew across the global charter fleet.

Using leading, award-winning payroll software, Bachmann Yachts is responsible for the handling of many thousands of transactions every month, which together total in excess of one billion US dollars annually. These payments are seamlessly and reliably made to yacht crew members across the globe in just about any currency you care to name and at any frequency. Working in close conjunction with Global Reach Partners, we can provide payments in one currency and fund receipt in another at the very best exchange rates available. 

With offshore payroll services from Bachmann Yachts, every aspect of payroll management is covered. Such aspects include tax-reporting self-service facilities and the provision of online payslips, among many others. As Bachmann Yachts is based in the Channel Island of Guernsey and thus outside of EU jurisdiction, we have zero statutory obligation to pay employer social security contributions. 

We use employment contracts that have been expressly designed for Bachmann Yachts. This allows us to pay salaries as gross i.e. without deductions: crew members thus have the responsibility to meet their own liabilities in terms of income tax and social security. In turn, yacht owners and operators no longer have the complex and time-consuming administrative burdens associated with payroll and crew employment.

If you'd like to find out more about our payroll management services, please browse the Bachmann Group website. For more detailed information and to discuss your unique requirements, please get in touch with Nick Saul on 01481 731070 or 07781 136209. You can also send a email

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