The Advantage of Experience

One thing that sets Bachmann Group apart from and above other similar companies is our wealth of experience in the marine industry. A deep understanding of the intricate requirements of your business allows us to always find the right seafarers for your vessel and gives you the peace of mind that you need.

Finding the right person for the job isn’t an easy task; that is, unless you have the knowledge and experience that we have here at Bachmann Group. We have a massive and highly diverse database of seafarers (currently over 22,000 and increasing all the time), all of whom are fully certified and looking to make a successful career within your company.

This huge and unrivalled resource means that we can find the right person for the job, no matter how specialised the job role may be. As soon as you connect with Bachmann Group, all of the pressure is taken off you and everything you need is made available, from identifying and advertising the role to the placement of crew and preparation of schedules. We organise the physical movement of the crew, sort out all the payroll right down to the payslips and even arrange the necessary training courses, all the while ensuring that STCW is fully complied with.

The Bachmann Group speciality is the way we organise things around your needs. Our team are expertly trained to offer exactly the right amount of assistance wherever you need it, leaving you free to organise the way you want to. If there’s something you’d rather take control of then our team are happy to let you; our service is not ‘all or nothing’ and we are here when and where you need us.

Part of what makes Bachmann Group so successful is the open, friendly nature of our team members. We respect your needs and are always completely professional but there is no stuffy formality standing in the way. Our aim is to make the experience as easy as possible for you, to let you relax and not worry about the many processes necessary to a successful seagoing operation.

So call us today and find out for yourself just how easy we can make YOUR voyage: our team are standing by and are ready to offer you the benefits of our vast marine experience.

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