The Rising Cost of Payroll Management

Many economic and social factors are currently having impacts on wage increases, including upcoming changes to minimum wage rates and taxation. In this edition of the BachmannHR Group blog, we'll be looking in more detail at some of these factors and how they are set to affect payroll management costs in the future.

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Last month, the ONS (Office of National Statistics) published data that revealed the amount of available vacancies had hit a record peak of more than four vacancies to every 100 employee positions. This has resulted in longer times to find and recruit suitable candidates, which leaves remaining employees responsible for a heavier workload.

Labour Shortage

In what has been variously termed 'the great resignation' and 'the big quit', more employees than ever before have been voluntarily resigning from their positions. Though resignation rates dropped sharply at the beginning of the pandemic, they returned to pre-pandemic levels as early as July of 2020. By April 2021, resignation rates reached record numbers. A lower number of available employees makes wages go up, with a corresponding rise in recruitment cost. Companies are struggling to fill existing vacancies and are also losing staff to competing firms.

National Insurance (NI)

The UK government has announced that a 1.25% increase in National Insurance Contributions will come into effect in April of 2022; the hike is set to be used to increase spending on health and social care. This increase will see the current rate of NI rise to 15.05% from 13.8%, effectively increasing a company's NI bill by 9%.

National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage

The National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage have been subject to regular increases over recent years. In April of 2022, the National Living Wage is set to increase by 6.6%, which will directly impact gross payroll costs.

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