Top 3 Winter Yachting Destinations

Saying goodbye to summer is never easy and the coming winter in the UK is predicted to be a harsh one. This means that it's the perfect time to start planning a winter getaway on your yacht. And today, we will look at three of the very best winter yachting destinations.

Top 3 Winter Yachting Destinations

The Seychelles

Comprising more than 100 islands off the eastern African coast, the isolated Seychelles are beyond beautiful. Less crowded than the Caribbean and diversely influenced by African, French, Indian and British culture, the Seychelles offer a wealth of exciting opportunities. From hikes through jungles and over white sand beaches, to exploration of its thousands of hidden bays and coves.

The British Virgin Islands

There are over 50 islands to explore, all of which are in close proximity to allow for fast, easy island-hopping. The waters around the British Virgin Islands boast calm currents and refreshing trade winds that together create idyllic sailing conditions and offer opportunities for diving, snorkelling and other watersports. Make sure you visit after November to avoid hurricane season!


You may be surprised to see Thailand on this list, as its not generally thought of as a location for a sailing holiday. But Thailand offers many excellent cruising grounds and the Andaman sea is rightly considered to be a 'maritime jewel'. There are thousands of islands to explore, all of which have beautiful beaches. It's definitely a place for the more adventurous tourist, with lots of breathtaking activities such as cliff diving, sea kayaking and wild beach parties! In addition, the Thai cuisine is one of the finest on the planet.

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