Yacht Agency and Fueling services - Channel Islands

Many clients are surprised at the depth of services that the Bachmann Group can offer.

Since 1974, Bachmann's have supported visiting yachts to the Channel Island ports.  Whilst today we are a major international marine and aviation services provider, we have not forgotton where we started and so we are still here to assist visiting yachts to our beautifull islands.
From our office just 300m from St Peter Port Harbour, our dedicated team of over 40 staff are here to help and look after all your needs as well as those of your guests and crew.

Guernsey and the other Channel Islands have so much to offer the visiting yachts. Guernsey is a Crown Dependency as such is not part of the UK nor has it ever been part of the EU. This in its own right has many benefits, Duty-Free Marine Gas Oil, no VAT or other Government service taxes, fantastic transport links (daily flights to London, Southampton, Jersey, Alderney and Manchester) for a fast efficient crew change, daily ferry services to the UK and France, an understanding and helpful customs service and most of all a friendly and welcoming people.

Guernsey lies around 20 miles off the Normandy coast of France, a very short diversion from the main shipping lanes through the English Channel and is the most northerly island that can accept SupetYachts into its harbours. Being a self-supporting island community, we are experienced at being able to supply all your needs.

Guernsey has some of the finest restaurants in the British Isles and as such we are able to source the highest quality products from local vendors depending on their specialty and their pricing, saving you time and delivering the best products to your galley, in the best condition.

We work with the largest Guernsey-based fuel distributor, Rubis, who has one the largest global networks as "physical suppliers" in Marine bunkering.  Together we are able to offer Superyachts some of the lowest fuel and lubricant prices across Europe .

We want to make sure you get the most of your stay in Guernsey and will work around the clock to make sure you have everything need for your yacht, your guests and your crew. Whether you need the best table in the best restaurant, a guide to show you the history of our island or transport to the airport, just tell us what you need and we will take care of everything.

At Bachmann’s, we are entirely at your disposal. Our Concierge service exists just to enable you to get the maximum enjoyment and convenience out of your stay in Guernsey.

For more details on how we can assist you contact Nick Saul

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