Yacht Racing Past and Present...

Back in 1968, the first solo round-the-world yacht race was announced. Deemed as a 'voyage for madmen', circum­navi­gation of the globe was thought to impossible: just one year later, Robin Knox-Johnston defied the odds and completed the round trip in 312 days, winning the Golden Globe race.

Yacht Racing Past and Present...

As technology improved, Knox-Johnston's impressive record was successively improved upon and the current record for a complete solo circum­navi­gation of the globe is a remarkable 42 days, achieved by François Gabart in a 100ft trimaran.

17 men and 1 woman are set to try and beat the original record set by Knox-Johnston in 1969 as the Golden Globe Race is brought to the present day. Their yachts will replicate those used in the original race as closely as possible:

  • The yachts used in the 2019 Golden Globe Race will be relatively small and have traditional equipment on board
  • GPS systems are not permitted on board and so navigation will have to be carried out by sextant, with all celestial calculations meticulously recorded
  • Communication will be limited to ham radio and outgoing telegram-style messages
  • Weather bulletins may be received only by ordinary radio
  • The list of forbidden equipment is long and exhaustive, including radar, AIS, electronic weather instruments, autopilots, AIS, mobile phones, digital cameras, scientific caluculators, electronic clocks/watches, rod rigging and watermakers

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