Yachting: 3 Staycation Destinations!

If you were asked to come up with a list of yachting destinations, chances are that the list would not include Essex! But there are plenty of charming islands in the vicinity that are just perfect to visit by yacht and here are the top three...

Yachting: 3 Staycation Destinations!

Mersea Island

Mersea Island is the most easterly inhabited island in the UK. The island is seven square miles in size and is home to a small museum, gorgeous beach huts, quaint cottages and plenty of traditional pubs. Arriving by boat for Brightlingsea is the best way to enjoy Mersea island as the causeway is impassable at high tide, preventing drivers from coming or going.

Canvey Island

Two roads connect this charming island to the mainland. Canvey Island has been described as Mersea Island's 'lively cousin', due to the fact that Canvey Island offers much more in the way of hotels, holiday parks and visitor attractions (the latter includes a transport museum, miniature railway and amusement park).

Northey Island, Maldon, Essex

Maintained as a nature reserve by the National Trust, Northey Island is the epitome of natural beauty. Depending on the tide, the size of the island varies massively from 80-300 acres and is a vital safe place for geese, plovers and shelducks, among countless other species. The quiet seclusion of this stunning island makes it hard to imagine that it was once, in the year 991, the site of the Battle of Maldon and is thus the oldest recorded battlefield in Britain.

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