Yachting Destinations: Secret Paradise

Last week, our blog article looked at some of the most popular yachting destinations on the planet. But, if you're looking for somewhere a little more off the beaten track, there are plenty of destinations to choose from. Here we look at three secret gems... shhh!

Cabrera Islands, Spain

Often considered by those in the know as the best boating spot in the Balearics,  the Cabrera Archipelago Maritime Park used to be a military base off-limits to visitors. The 19 islands can be accessed only by those with their own boat, who can enjoy the sight of  herons, dolphins and even whales in the protected ocean.


Tinos, Greece

Though it counts busy Mykonos and Delos among its neighbours, peaceful Tinos could hardly be more different. There's no airport on the island so once again only boats have access to the pebble-strewn bays of Rochari, Malli, and Ormos Panormos. Head to the southern tip of this paradise island to discover Agios Pandeleimonas, the biggest and best beach to be found.


Rovinj Islands, Croatia

The town of Rovinj has an exciting and cosmopolitan past. Essentially an Italian town up until 1947, its roots are still very much in evidence, with Rovinj often being referred to as 'little Venice'.  The coastline around this remarkably beautiful area breaks up into a beautiful archipelago of 22 islands, each a delightful, tranquil beauty. Don't miss the Riva, a waterfront promenade where you can get your hands (and tastebuds!) on some of the world's very best gelato.


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