Aviation Services: The Guernsey Aircraft Registry

Though our work here at Bachmann Group focuses primarily on the maritime industries, we can also use our cutting-edge technologies to assist aviation clients. We can provide services in a number of areas relating to aviation, including assistance with crucial aircraft registration.

Aviation Services: The Guernsey Aircraft Registry

Established in 2013, with the Aviation Registry (Guernsey) Law coming into effect, the 2-REG Guernsey Aviation Registry (GAR) has continued to grow significantly. It provides an aircraft registration service for aircraft involved with non-commercial flying activity all over the world and is also able to issue Air Operator Certificates (AOCs) for commercial air transport for Guernsey-registered aircraft.

The GAR is a private-public partnership that is co-operated between the States of Guernsey and SGI, which is a Dutch company that works under a franchise with Guernsey's government and uses the brand name 2-REG. The GAR permits aircraft owners, lessors and operators to register aircraft and their engines and currently registers over 5,000 aircraft.

Just like with a personalised car registration plate, the GAR can offer custom registrations; some of the registration marks include such designations as 2-COOL, 2-LOVE and 2-OFUS. The GAR has further enhanced Guernsey's financial service offerings and has strengthened its position as one of the leading financial jurisdictions in the world.

An aircraft does not have to be physically located in Guernsey to benefit from registration with the GAR. There are however a number of criteria that need to be met in order for registration to proceed and Bachmann Group are ideally situated to offer the most comprehensive and authoritative advice on such matters.

Please feel free to browse the Bachmann Group website for further details about registering an aircraft with the GAR, along with other details about our comprehensive suite of aviation services.

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