Virtual Shipping Conference Announced for 2021

The UK Chamber of Shipping is the UK's trade association for the shipping industry, providing an authoritative voice for its members and related professionals. On October 9th, the chamber announced plans for its first ever virtual shipping conference to be held next year.

Virtual Shipping Conference Announced for 2021

The UK Shipping Conference has been scheduled to take place on February 3rd of 2021. With the theme of 'Creating Pathways to 2030', the day-long event will be open to both members and non-members of the UK Chamber of Shipping.

The conference is set to bring together a wide range of professionals from across the broad spectrum of the shipping sector. In addition to many breakout events that will allow delegates to share ideas and discuss issues that affect their various businesses, there will also be a keynote speaker from a 'leading industry figure' who is yet to be announced. Supporters will have the opportunity to sponsor rooms and breakout sessions as well as having their branding displayed throughout the virtual conference.

The aim of the conference is to generate new pathways as we move towards the next decade, helping to enable progress to be made towards cleaner, safer shipping methodologies. By focusing on the big challenges faced by the UK's shipping industry, such as safety, the environment and technology, the virtual conference hopes to sketch out new ways to tackle such issues.

Along with the shipping community, the International Maritime Organisation has mainly been focusing on long-term solutions looking towards 2050. The virtual UK Shipping conference wants to ensure that the medium-term is not neglected and so will focus on what can be realistically achieved by 2030, as well as what steps need to be taken to get there.

During his announcement of the planned conference, UK Chamber of Shipping CEO Bob Sanguinetti said: “This brand new virtual conference will bring together the best minds from the shipping world for a day of high-level discussion and interaction. It is imperative the shipping community turns its attention to what can be achieved by 2030 in order to reach our longer-term goals. I look forward to welcoming a broad range of guests from across the sector at what could become a regular fixture in the international shipping calendar.”

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