BachmannHR Group interested in running Channel Island ferry service

Following a request for Expressions of Interest from the Government of Alderney, Channel Islands to operate a inter-island ferry service, the BachmannHR Group is pleased to announce that it has advised the Alderney Government that it is interested in supplying  such a service.

Nick Saul, CEO of the BachmannHR Group said that " We have worked with a number of major ferry companies operating in the Channel as well as the Irish Sea and Scandinavia for a number of years.  Some of our staff have years of ferry experience including myself who have worked in the ferry industry for over 30 years, most recently as Operations Director for a well known European Ferry company.  We recognize a need for a larger capacity passenger ferry operating between the Channel Islands and see an opportunity to operate the right vessel to service the islands.

We have already identified a suitable vessel and once we know more from the States of Alderney in regards to their requirements, we hope to work with them to set up a suitable service"

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