Bachmann Marine Services

13th February 2014

Bachmann Marine Services

Marine Services

In 2010 following the breakup of the Bachmann Group, the name synonymous during the previous 36 years for setting the standards in tax efficient yacht ownerships structures and registrations disappeared from the yachting radar.

However the Bachmann named lived on, working in other areas of the marine world, offshore employment services and marine recruitment.  Today the BachmannHR Group employs over 75 staff in Guernsey, UK and France, managing the employment of over 22,000 seafarers and recruiting and managing staff for a number of the worlds leading shipping operators and yachts.

Today we are informing you that the BachmannHR Group has formed a new division of the group, Bachmann Marine Services (2013) Ltd, which will offer the same professionalism and standards as the old company, from the same base in Guernsey.

Services offered include;

  • Corporate Ownership Structures (private yachts, charter yachts and leasing arrangements)
  • Vessel registration (Red Ensign and Non Red Ensign)
  • VAT Planning (EU Temporary Admission and leasing)
  • Crew management and Payroll
  • Technical Support
  • Operational Support and Compliance
  • Financing Guidance
  • Insurance

The new Bachmann Marine Service is part of a group boasting years of experience in maritime affairs, several staff members have sailed professionally on ships and yachts, and others have managed crew from locations such as St Petersburg and Monaco.  In the new company, we have brought together a number of staff who have been working with yachts and corporate ownership structures for many years and therefore will be offering the same levels of knowledge and service as in the old company.

Bachmann Marine Services will offer assistance in all areas of yacht ownership and where we are unable to assist you directly, we will put you in contact with our network of highly trusted associates who will able to give the most appropriate advice.

We look forward to re-establishing past relationships with clients, captains, brokers and managers that we may have lost touch with, and thank  in advance all our existing friends and contacts that have encouraged and continue to support us.

For further information, please contact Nick Saul either on +44 1481 731059 or

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