URGENT - Have you obtained your required Security Certification yet?

Security training is required by all personnel employed or engaged on board ships to which the ISPS Code applies. These regulations come into force on 1st January 2014.

In addition to the existing Ship Security Officer (SSO) training (which is unchanged) the amendments to the STCW Convention brings in new levels of security training:

  • Security related famili­ari­sation;
  • Proficiency in security awareness;
  • Proficiency in designated security duties.

There are grandfather clauses which allow seafarers with previous equivalent training and those with relevant sea service prior to 1st January 2012 to be issued with a certificate of proficiency without undertaking further training.

Full details can be found on Marine Information Note MIN 472 (M) http://­www.­dft.­gov.­uk/­mca/­min472-2.pdf

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