Bachmann Training: Limited Time Discounts!

Bachmann Training newsBachmann Training is designed to give the right people the best skills. We design and deliver a full complement of accredited training courses, many of which can be tailored to individual requirements and delivered on site as necessary. Here we bring you news of the introduction of a new training course now available at a discounted price, along with several other special limited-time offers. All prices are exclusive of VAT.

The new Bachmann training course is an Introduction to PLCs. Delivered over a two-day period, the course covers all the basics of PLCs, including the highly-renowned 'Ladder Logic' element. This course would normally cost £510.00 for the two days but our special discount rate is just £465.00 + vat per person. There are several dates available between 22nd May and 5th July.

A second course available at a specially-discounted rate is the HV Awareness course, which is EAL accredited. Running on several days between 24th May and 3rd July, this course normally costs £300 per person but is available at the reduced rate of £285 per person.

Our Manual Handling course is accredited by AofA and is available on selected dates between 25th Man and June 29th and costs just £95 per person, reduced from £110.

PAT Testing is an essential skill and is regularly used in all sorts of situations. Delivered in a single day, the course is normally priced at £185 per person but is available on several dates between 17th May and 5th July at a discounted rate of £175.

Building on the PAT Testing course is the EAL-accredited Basic Electrical Safety course. There are many dates available and the price is reduced from £395 per person to just £340 per person. Also available is Bachmann's own Electrical Fault-Finding course, reduced in price from £475 per person to £450 per person for the two-day period.

More specialised information is available with the advanced Marine Electrical course from Bachmann training. A £50 discount reduces the cost to just £450 per person on the two-day course, for which there are a limited number of dates available in May and June.

Site supervisors have a great deal of responsibility and they receive the best training in this AofA accredited course. Reduced from /3230 per person to £190 per person, this popular course is available on selected dates between 18th May and 6th July. 

Book before July to claim your discounted places on our carefully-crafted training courses.

Other courses available: please call for details.

  1. Yacht Safety Breakdown = £210.00
  2. Refresher 17th Edition – 2 Day New Refresher Course £458.00
  3. Abrasive Wheels = £110
  4. Overhead Gantry Crane - £185.00 
  5. Slinger  = £135.00
  6. Slinger Signaller = £230.00
  7. Successful Jobseeker = £85.00
  8. Electrical Safety for non Electrical Staff = £187.00
  9. Solar Electrics = £355.00
  10. Battery Electrics = £230.00
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