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HR Management is a diverse and crucial aspect of marine travel. In fact, the logistics of HR Management can seem overwhelming complex to vessel owners and operators, particularly if they do not have much experience in the field or are completely new to vessel management. Bachmann Group offer, as part of our extensive portfolio of options to the offshore corporate industry, a reliable, affordable and stress-free HR Management service.

Our experienced team work in complete harmony with one another to provide our options portfolio, confidently and diligently managing all of the various aspects to deliver a  complete, comprehensive service at a cost-effective, consistent price. This harmonious methodology, along with our unmatched experience and dedication, sets us apart from competing firms, placing us way ahead of even the very best.

Here are three key areas of our HR Management service, though we of course can provide many other custom possibilities.

  • After vacancies are identified, they are advertised throughout out vast and ever-growing network of experienced, reliable seafarers seeking employment. The database allows us to locate the most suitable candidates for the job; these candidates are then carefully screened to ensure they possess the correct combination of practical experience and official certification. We even carry our interviews and administer placement smoothly within your existing company.
  • One of the most time-consuming aspects of HR Management is administrating payroll effectively. Bachmann Group are highly experienced in this field and work closely with leading offshore employers, ensuring that things like National Insurance, tax obligations and IR49 are maintained impeccably. Your employees will receive payslips produced and issued by our in-house team.
  • Employment issues can be difficult and cause all sorts of problems to seagoing vessel operators. Everything from grievances and appraisals to disciplinary procedures and union negotiations can easily and successfully be handled by Bachmann Group.

For more details of the HR Management services available from Bachmann Group, browse our website and get in touch with us if you have any questions or need further information. Bon voyage!

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