Clipper Yacht Race: Roles & Respon­sibi­lities

The Clipper Round the World Yacht Race continues, with the crews of all vessels working hard to try and get a crucial edge. Though success depends on the team working together, each individual team member has a specific, very different job to do: here we look at some of the many roles onboard a yacht taking part in this iconic race.

Clipper Yacht Race: Roles & Responsibilities

Bowman. Responsible for running the foredeck of the vessel, the bowman is directly involved in most manoeuvres during the race

  • Mid-Bowman. Second in command, the person taking on this role must learn to anticipate what the bowman requires. The mid-bowman prepares the sails before hoisting and is involved with any and all sail changes throughout the race
  • Mastman. A vital communication link between the bow and cockpit, the mastman is also responsible for much of the hard, heavy work such as hoisting sails
  • Pitman. Always calm, even when multi-tasking under pressure, the Pitman is in control of the halyards and must anticipate the combined needs of the bowman, mid-bowman and mastman
  • Grinder. A grinder controls the sheet, constantly trimming and altering the sails with every wind shift
  • Trimmer. Keeping a close eye on the sails and issuing fine-tuning instructions to the grinder, trimmers know how to make the most of every change in wind speed and direction
  • Running Backstay. Wind-filled headsails place many tonnes of forward pressure on the mast and this force is counterbalanced by the backstay. The running backstay's job is to balance these forces

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