Marine Services: Consultancy

Bachmann Group offer a full suite of professional marine services, one of which is Consultancy. With more than 75 years of combined experience working across the spectrum of the marine industry, our consultancy team is more than qualified to offer clear, relevant and effective advice on any related subject.


The consultancy team here at Bachmann Group is composed of experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated experts, all of whom have worked extensively within the marine industry in a variety of roles. Ranging from small, private firms to some of the leading ferry and cruise operators on the planet, our client list is as diverse as the scope of our work, which includes operating vessels in a technical capacity, managing ports from a legal aspect and serving as Harbour Masters.

Our aim when providing marine consultancy services is to offer advice and assistance on specific projects, whatever that specificity may be. The consultancy arm of Bachmann Group has previously been engaged by a number of shipping companies as well as by government departments, all of which trust in our excellent reputation that is backed up by a flawless track record of lasting success.

Aspects of the marine industry that our team have worked on include:

  • Ferry Operations
  • Cruise Ship Operations
  • Port Operations
  • Catering & Hotel Services
  • Commercial Evaluation & Modelling
  • Yachting

As with all of the services provided by Bachmann Group, we work with our consultancy clients on an individual basis, first identifying the necessary requirements before deciding on and then delivering the most suitable solution. For more details, please call Nick Saul on +44 (0)1481 731070 or email

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