Commercial Shipping Services: Choose the Best, Choose Bachmann!

Towards the end of this year, Bachmann Group will celebrate its fiftieth anniversary, an event for which everyone in our team is extremely excited about. As the years have passed since our company was established all that time ago, Bachmann Group has continued to grow and evolve, steadily increasing the number and the scope of services that we provide to the maritime sector and beyond. 

Today, Bachmann Group is proud to be the premier provider of marine services in the Channel Islands, as well as being the biggest maritime employment specialist in Europe. We work in close collaboration with the world's leading organisations to provide a diverse array of clients with a comprehensive suite of services, all of which are delivered within the well-defined scope of our regularly-reviewed ISO 9001 certification. 

Commercial shipping is one of the biggest maritime sectors, with a majority of the world's trade being conducted over the oceans. It is therefore little surprise that the services we provide to this sector are so varied and utilised by so many of our clients. 

Recruiting staff for the numerous shore-based and sea-based roles that are available in the maritime industries is notoriously challenging. The process is even more difficult when staff members are required on a last-minute and/or temporary basis, something that happens frequently in the fast-paced and rapidly-changing commercial shipping sector. Bachmann Group maintains a vast database of more than 20,000 potential candidates, from which we can immediately recruit the very best to suit any role, in any location.

Another key service we provide to commercial shipping clients is that of payroll management, a process which requires extensive knowledge and complete accuracy to be successful. Managing payroll is a speciality of Bachmann Group and our dedicated team of payroll experts work in carefully-orchestrated harmony to effectively handle this delicate task for our commercial shipping clients, freeing up their precious time and resources to concentrate on the core needs of their operation. 

These are just some of the gold-standard commercial shipping services provided by Bachmann Group to commercial shipping clients all over the world. Please browse our website for more details and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with all the latest information from the shipping and aviation industries.

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