Commercial Shipping Services from Bachmann Group

Since Bachman Group was established almost five decades ago, we have grown to become one of the Channel Islands' biggest company providing marine services and Europe's largest specialist in the field of maritime employment. From our ideal location in Guernsey, we now offer a comprehensive suite of marine services to commercial shipping companies all over the world. 

Utilising our impressive resources along with those of carefully-chosen associate companies, whit which we have established strong working relationships, Bachmann group is able to reliably and skillfully provide all of the services required for the successful operation of vessels and the employment and management of their crews. 

All of the services we provide are delivered within the scope of our ISO 9001 certification, which demonstrates our ongoing commitment to premium quality across the board. As winners of the coveted Investors in People Award, we manage vessels and their crews with strict adherence to the demanding criteria set out in the International Safety Management Code.

Bachmann Group is a member of numerous organisations, including the British marine Federation, Super Yacht UK and the UK Chamber of Shipping. We are full MLC-compliant having been audited against MLC Guidelines B1.4 and MLS Standard A1.4; our Statement of Compliance certificate was issued by Lloyds Register. 

The primary categories that our commercial shipping services fall into are:

  • Recruitment. From our extensive and ever-growing database of over 20,000 candidates, both sea- and shore-based, we can help you find the very best crew members for your operation, regardless of its size, function or location. 
  • Provision of Temporary Seafarers. Last-minute crew issues can mean the difference between the success or the failure of your operation. We supply over 800 temporary seafarers to a wide range of major shipping companies.
  • Payroll Management. All of the difficult, time-consuming work of payroll management can be taken off your hands with this standard-setting service, we sees us handle many thousands of payrolls and payments every month.
  • Ship Management. We work with Classification Societies, port states and flag states to ensure that commercial vessels can operate smoothly and seamlessly. Both technical and marine superintendent services are available for a full range of projects and applications. 
  • Consultancy. Utilised by both shipping companies and government organisations, our leading consultancy service allows us to operate vessels in technical capacities and ports from legal aspects, as well as serving as Harbour Masters.
  • Total Crew Management. As the name suggests, this service is aimed at combining a bespoke range of all of our other services together in a unique package that exactly suits the needs of your operation.  

You can find out more details about each of these services, which together make up our suite of commercial shipping services, on the Bachmann Guernsey website. Do not hesitate to contact our dedicated customer service team if you require further information or advice.

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