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The yachting industry moves and grows at an extremely fast pace, with legislation in a state of continuous flux. Bachmann Yachts, a thriving arm of the globally-renowned Bachmann Group, offers a comprehensive suite of world-class services to yacht owners and operators in both the commercial and private sectors, allowing them to realise the true potential of their vessels. 

The suite of yachting services expertly provided by Bachmann Yachts includes:

Corporate Yacht Ownership
From acquiring a yacht to disposing of it and all of the many stages in between, yacht ownership can be complex. Owners of yachts often choose to incorporate a limited liability company which takes legal ownership of the vessel, allowing for effective ownership and management and providing protection from personal and business affairs. 

These companies are usually established in offshore British territories like the British Virgin Islands, Jersey and Guernsey, where Bachmann Group is based. We can incorporate such companies in any of the above jurisdictions and can provide directors, secretaries, nominee shareholders,­agents and registered offices.

Yacht Registration
Choosing a flag state (the country which the vessel is registered to) is a crucial decision for a yacht owner. Comprising the UK and its Crown Dependencies and offshore territories, The Red Ensign is the most popular jurisdiction for registering a yacht. In close coordination with owners, brokers, yards, captains and surveyors, Bachmann Yachts can reliably oversee the entire yacht registration process before providing an official Certificate of Registry.

International Safety Management (ISM)
Commercially-registered yachts over 500GT required that a Safety Management System (SMS) is in place to demonstrate that it complies with all relevant safety regulations. Our team of certified CSO and DPA officers can provide full or mini SMS audits.

VAT-Free Temporary Admission
Temporary admission, also known as importation, allows yacht owners who are not resident in the EU to travel in EU waters without the requirement to pay VAT calculated on their vessel's value. Bachmann Yachts can provide any qualifying individual with a non-EU registration and corporate ownership service, allowing them to sail in EU waters for as long as 18 months withoutVAT being imposed. 

Crew Employment and Payroll
The leading employment service that we provide to commercial shipping clients can also be taken advantage of by yacht owners and operators, allowing them to easily find the most reliable and suitably-qualified crew members. We also offer a comprehensive payroll management service, taking all of the hard work of managing payroll off your hands. 

For more details about these services, please browse the Bachmann Group website or get in touch with Gary Le Cras, our Head of Yachting Services & Director.

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