Commercial Shipping: Total Crew Management

Operating a commercial seagoing vessel entails effectively managing a wide variety of logistics if it is to be successful. To make this process much easier, quicker and cost-effective, Bachmann Group provide a Total Crew Management service, creating and delivering bespoke plans that exactly meet the unique requirements of your operation.

Commercial Shipping: Total Crew Management

The Total Crew Management service from Bachmann Group is infinitely customisable according to individual needs but generally covers the following categories:

  • Recruitment: any vessel is only as good as its crew members and Bachmann Group specialise in identifying, placing and managing experienced, trained and reliable staff. We take care of the whole process from advertising positions to the screening, interviewing and reference-checking of potential employees
  • Operations: our Total Crew Management service takes all the hard work out of managing crew operations, covering things like training, leave-monitoring, staff changes, travel arrangements, provision of temporary cover and the supply of appropriate uniforms and safety wear
  • Training: Bachmann Group create and deliver bespoke training courses designed to ensure that crew members always have the right skills for any given job. Offsite training establishments are assessed by us to make sure they provide the proper levels of quality and fitness for purpose
  • Medical: the health status of crew members can be monitored by us, as well as the provision of drug/alcohol testing
  • Crew Welfare: from the maintenance of medical records to arranging compassionate leave, our Total Crew Management service covers it all
  • Employment Issues: we can deal with all disciplinary or grievance procedures, as well as handling promotion, resignation and redundancy
  • Administration: a comprehensive personal records maintenance service is available and we can also arrange client liaisons, certificate renewals and visa applications

There are many more areas in which bachmann Group can make a positive difference to your commercial shipping operation. Call our experienced team today to find out more.

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