Bachmann Yachts


Bachmann Yachts prides itself on being a Crew Management company that offers an extensive range of services, which are tailor-made to the needs of each of our clients.

These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Recruitment and sourcing of quality yacht crew to meet the exacting standards of our clients.
  • Advice and assistance with MLC compliance.
  • Maintaining a database of certificate requirements for all the yachts that our crews are employed on and checking of certi­fica­tion prior to appointment.
  • Provision of Crew Management, including provision of rosters, temporary crew and travel arran­gements.
  • Arrangement of statutory training courses ensuring STCW compliance.
  • Individual Client access to HR database.
  • Handling of discipline and crew reduction situations.
  • Head-hunting for specialized positions.
  • Payroll admi­nis­tra­tion.
  • Specialist employment law advice as it applies within the marine industry.
  • Employee benefit solutions and pensions.