Cruise Ship Passengers see UFO

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Whether one believes in UFOs or not, it is difficult to deny the impact that this particular UFO sighting left among Carnival Cruise ship seafarers this week over Florida waters. The viral video itself has already received dozens of thousands of views and continues to stun viewers everywhere. It is titled “New Stealth TR-3B!!! UFO Sightings E.T. Craft or Military? Florida Coast 10/10/2014” and was uploaded to YouTube earlier this week via Third­Pha­se­of­Moon.

The footage may be rather unsteady at first, but that’s only because the video source, Maureen (a female passenger who was aboard the Carnival Cruise at the time of the apparent UFO appearance), said she was “nervous.” The Inquisitr News noted yesterday that the strange aerial object hovered overhead around midday, and has become a public phenomenon almost overnight.

There remains some ongoing debate as to the origins of the alleged UFO sighting over the Florida water. While some witnesses assert that it was indeed a UFO and that they have never seen anything like it before, others argue that it may only have been a drone that got a little too close for comfort by the Carnival Cruise ship. If anything, these bizarre events make people truly wonder about the nature of life away from Earth and whether aliens — or at least external intelligence — might actually exist.

The Florida UFO video isn’t the only footage that’s made headlines this week. Another clip was uploaded by an Idaho woman, identified as Kaitlin Ellis. She says she was outside in her backyard when she managed to look up and far off in the sky was what looked like a speeding object being trailed swiftly by a plane. This particular incident occurred just before 3 p.m. in the afternoon on October 8, and has similarly stumped witnesses who have seen the live UFO video. Even now, she has no idea what the object was, and even authorities seem uncertain of what to make of the spectacle.

“I really don’t have any idea what that is,” says one colonel of the National Guard after seeing the controversial clip. “But I can tell you for sure it’s not anything that belongs to the Idaho National Guard or the Army National Guard.”

Do you think that these sightings are truly UFOs, both above the Carnival Cruise line earlier this month in Florida and some days later in more rural Idaho? The evidence is certainly compelling, and will likely continue to amaze people all over the world until we know for sure whether we humans are in fact alone — or not.

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