Employment Management & Payroll for a fleet of 4

In Autumn  2018, Bachmann Yachts was asked to take on the Employment Management and Payroll for a fleet of 4 Super yachts belonging to the same owner.  This process has now been completed and these latest additions take the number of yachts that we provide payroll and employment for to over 50, in addition to the 20,000 mariners the Bachmann Group look after.
Commenting on the latest addition to the Fleet, Gary LeCras, Head of Yachting Services said, "It is always encouraging when a client decides to use our services but when they decide to put all of their fleet in our hands it shows the trust they have in us.  2018 was an exceptional year for us, not only did we take on more yachts for Employment & Payroll, we also increased our portfolio of yachts which we corporately own.  We have also been quietly expanding our yacht management with ISM and mini ism systems as well as the provision of DPA and CSO services"
For further details of the services Bachmann Yachts can offer, contact Gary on +44 1481 70137 or by email
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