Four Reasons to Say 'YES' to Bachmann Group


At least 70% of the Earth is covered by the sea. This means that there are a lot of boats out there and also a lot of companies offering similar services to Bachmann Group. So, why choose us? Here are just four of the many reasons…

Independence:  Bachmann Group are located in Guernsey, which is one of the Channel Islands. This means that, although we enjoy a physical place right in the centre of Europe, we remain independent of both the UK and the EU, allowing us the freedom to deliver the services you require without a lot of unnecessary red tape. All of our work is done in-house and so is immediately traceable and accountable, giving you a peace of mind that is difficult to replicate when working with other companies in this sector.

Compe­titi­veness: as we are a large and well-established company, we enjoy a powerful position when it comes to establishing costs. Wherever possible, we pass on these savings to our clients and this means that our rates are extremely competitive. Our clients receive the best service available, yet do not have to pay extortionate rates to do so and this is an ongoing working practice here at Bachmann Group.

Experience: starting a new business is notoriously difficult and keeping it going is even harder still. Bachmann Group are proud to boast over 40 years experience in the industry, over which time we have grown and evolved to become the respected, well-established company we are today. The contacts, knowledge and expertise gained over these four decades is invaluable and we pass on every bit of it to our clients. Like any other expert in their field, we make it look easy.

Specialisation: the many roles that our company carry out are fulfilled by carefully-chosen individuals and groups. Each has an all-round knowledge of our services but there are specialists in every division, which means that every role is given the crucial close attention it requires.

We invite you to browse our services and get in touch with us to discuss bespoke arrangements. As a customer-focused company, our aim is to make sure that our service is tailored to your exact, unique requirements. Call us today and tell us how we can help you.

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