Get a Super Career on a Superyacht!

Superyachts are becoming more and more common: estimates suggest that if all the superyachts currently under construction were lined up end-to-end, they would stretch for a distance of over 15 miles! Here are our top ten tips for those who seek employment on one of these powerful seagoing vessels.Recruitment

  1. Available roles. The larger the yacht, the more staff required to operate and maintain it. Even small yachts require several staff members: these roles include Captain, Chief Officer, Bosun, Deckhand, Engineer, Steward, Purser and Chef.
  2. Training. Whatever your position onboard, you'll need to prove you're capable of fulfilling the role. As well as training in a chosen field, all crew members will be expected to attend courses in personal survival, firefighting, first aid, social responsibility and security. Bachmann Training offers all of the courses you will need.
  3. Register your interest. Join the Bachmann Group seafarer's database so that yacht owners can find you! We'll help you every step of the way.
  4. Be professional. A businesslike, professional demeanor is essential in every role onboard a yacht, whether you're the captain of the boat or simply scrubbing the decks!
  5. Network. Be proactive in your work; make sure you share your skills and are open to learning from those who are more experienced. Never reveal private information about yachts or their owners, in conversation or on social media.
  6. Improve your CV. Yacht owners give preference to those who show a passion about their work and their are many extra skills that will be helpful to you, such as the ability to swim, carpentry, electrical knowledge, mechanics, fishing and service skills.
  7. Reap the rewards. Depending on skill and experience level, you can look forward to impressive financial rewards for your work, whether temporary or full time.
  8. Show commitment. Be prepared to work long hours and spend lots of time away from home; as mentioned in the previous point, the rewards are great for those who show  commitment to their work.
  9. Choose your hours. From temporary contracts that last a single day to a lifelong career, you're able to choose when you work and fit it in with your own lifestyle.
  10. Be part of Bachmann Group! Get in touch with us TODAY to discuss YOUR career on a superyacht!
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