Commercial Shipping: How to Manage Payroll

The commercial shipping trade is complex, with hundreds of disparate elements needing to be brought seamlessly together to ensure efficiency. A particularly difficult and often cumbersome aspect of commercial shipping is the management of payroll; Bachmann Group specialise in assisting our clients in this regard.

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The Bachmann Group Payroll Management Service relies on our skilled, experienced and intelligent team, which is made up of the very best specialists we can find. Working efficiently and closely together, the team is responsible for managing payrolls at any number of frequencies, from weekly and monthly to yearly and even according to the ever-changing lunar calendar.

We use only the best payroll software available. This allows us to handle thousands of payroll events every month, totalling up to more than US $1billion each year. Though we present this figure in US Dollars, the fact is that we operate payrolls all over the world in many different currencies including Euros, Kroner, Rand and Canadian Dollars, as well as in UK pounds sterling. Two of the software systems we use have won plaudits at the UK National Payroll Awards in both small and large categories.

Where applicable, our payroll service can include the option of FX transfers. Teamed with our unique payroll system, this allows us to provide particularly beneficial rates to seafarers; these rates are some of the best possible that can be obtained. Fully MLC compliant, our service can offer up to 9 different social security chapters as well as benefits to crew's families.

To find out more about our payroll services, get in touch with our experts today.

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